Hosting & Administration

Hosting & Administration

We are server experts

Are you looking for a experienced systems engineers to configure/ set up/ design your DevOps tools stack.

I can offer DevOps related services including

  • Install/ Set Up and Configure new DevOps environment
  • Design your DevOps solution
  • Configure existing DevOps tools
  • Review your existing DevOps solution


Top hostings recommended by us:

Shared Hosting: Siteground.

Cloud Server: Google Cloud and AWS


We will provide monthly support and that includes like:

  • Server Updates and Patches
  • Security updates
  • Application upgrades and migrations
  • Setting up correct servers
  • Price optimization
  • Resource optimization
  • Speed optimization
  • performance optimization
  • Server hardening
  • Ecommerce/ CMS / Storefront and WMS/WES application support

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