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The best time to start doing  SEO for your website is at the very begining when you start planing your online project or the way you will show your services to your potential customers.

In today’s era, any business would give double profit if they have an online presence. The Internet has helped many companies and services to expand and become successful. To conduct online business, you need to have a Website.

Websites serve as an online store for your business or work. You can display and showcase all your products and services on your Website to make it more engaging. Now, among various search engines, it is vital for your Website to rank at the top. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique that will enhance and boost your Website’s presence.

Performing search engine optimization is crucial for your site’s success. You can start SEO on a brand new website or on an existing website. But the question “When is the right time to start Search Engine Optimization for your website?” haunts many people.

Quest for SEO on Newly Designed Website and Redesigned Website

While revamping a website, the website owner is dreadful about losing the delicate balance of the Website’s internet presence. The fear of losing website information, losing customers, losing some vital search result rankings can cause real and long term damage.

Sometimes while redesigning the Website, the companies create a brand new website; they change the URLs without redirecting the traffic from the previous URLs to the latest one. This mistake can result in having a “404- Page not found” error on the Website.

Whereas having 301 redirect plans can help in this place.

The following are some tips that will aid you to start SEO as soon as you want after redesigning the Website. It will also save the website owner from losing traffic while redesigning the Website:

  • Monitor everything

A website owner can protect the Website from suffering losses by monitoring everything. As soon as you make a decision to redesign the Website, do invest in useful monitoring tools.

You should monitor the following things:

  • Keyword rankings
  • Speed
  • Spam score
  • Domain authority
  • Total number of backlinks
  • Organic traffic from search engines

Ensure you either disable the Website while you are installing improvements because meanwhile, the people who visit your Website might get frustrated.

The new Website with the different domain and swap it later with the original when the Website is ready. This way, you won’t have to think twice before starting search engine optimization on your redesigned Website.

  • Keep the original information

To have a similarity between the new Website and old Website, form a list of all the web pages from the old Website. Implement a 301 redirection plan. Because if you are going to change URL for the web pages in the new Website, you may require to notify the search engines about these changes made.

If you fail to do so, this may result in damaging your trust among the customers and ranking among other websites. You can also lose the traffic on your Website. Try to save the sitemap of your original Website to a written file. This file will help as a reference.

The above-stated tips are advisable if you are redesigning the Website. For the newly launched Website, there are some pre-determined principles that will allow you to push search engine optimization on your Website.

  • Start SEO with web design or User Experience (UX)

Experience, search engine optimization, and web design are integrally connected. The search engine optimization techniques may impact the information placed at the homepage, and where it is located on the homepage of a website.

Search engine optimization to work effortlessly on a new website SEO should be continued with the building process of the Website, during website development and designing and user experience. For good results and growth, search engine optimization requires planning, analysis, discovery, and strategy. That’s why if you push SEO along with the process of creating the Website, it will produce effective results.

  • Keyword optimization

Acts as an anchor for search engine optimization. Every web page on your site should have a careful strategy of designing keywords. These strategies will make a considerable impact on the algorithms of Google’s search engine.

A detailed brainstorming while writing down your keywords. Keyword planner will help the web designers to reach the target audience.

  • Title tags

Each title should have a keyword near the beginning of it. It will allow the search engines to recognize the relevance of the content. A good title acts as an action for call i.e.; it invites people to get engage with your content and information. You can use some catchy words in the title to make it more user-friendly. Headlines should be compelling so that it can inspire the interest of the user.

  • Front end development

The content on your web pages should be easy to understand. Users nowadays are using a variety of devices with various screen sizes and their resolution. Thus, the web designer should design the Website considering all these aspects. This will enhance search engine optimization.

  • Visual hierarchy

Other than call for action and value proposition, there are many things that make your Website engaging. The Website should be well-designed keep in mind the visuals that you are going to present on the Website. Search engine optimization will be enhanced if the Website looks attractive and engaging.

Since search engine optimization is an ongoing activity, there is not a particular time to start it. Whether you are launching a brand new website or launching a redesigned website, you just need to keep the above-stated tips and information in your mind. These will accelerate the growth of your Website and make it a top-ranking successful website.




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