Web Design in Miramar Florida

Website Design Miramar, Florida

What are you looking for? An extravagant design that works on many operating systems?

How should look my ideal website design in Miramar, Florida? Websites should measurably drive leads, sales, and deeper engagement. Websites should be more than pretty brochures. A company website needs to act as a growth engine powering lead generation and nurturing sales opportunities.

MMS AGENCY does website design Miramar that accomplish with the latest web technologies available and required by every modern website design.

Responsive Website Design Miramar

Every website that we create are responsive and most of them are created from scratch or own developed template.

Webdesign using PHP and CMS in Miramar, Florida

We have been working with PHP and MySQL from 2002 to 2009 when CMS like WordPress, Joomla and Magento started becoming popular and we started testing them simultaneously. All of them are great CMS. But then we have chosen WordPress which we consider as an ideal Content Management System.

Website design using framework in Miramar, Florida

We always recommend Laravel Framework or Django, or any other modern programming language where Go and Nodejs hold great projects and are emerging as great use as well.

Webdesign with WordPress in Miramar

WordPress has an impressive community offering solutions in every ways. And it is a great solution for start up and small business needing a fast website design. Anyway today we get the same time result using Laravel Too and other modern programming languages.

Open Source Platform

As Open Source Plataform WordPress is a very easy to use content management system. Now over half the websites online are WordPress websites. It can get confusing to WordPress newcomers because WordPress started out as a blogging platform (wordpress.com) and became so popular that wordpress.org was created.

WordPress.org is where developers go. WordPress.com is where people can go to create blogs that have a url something like this: yourblogwebsite.com/wordpress. Although today you can administrate there your own domain: yourwebsite.com because they also offer a hosting solution. With wordpress.org you can create huge multi-functional websites using a multitude of plugins, widgets and themes.

WordPress Rocks!

It took me about two years to get over the WordPress learning curve and now I fly around the WordPress dashboard like a hummingbird. WordPress ROCKS. There are a lot of news websites and a lot of celebrity websites that are created with WordPress. There are so many plugins to choose from now that the question is not “is there a shopping cart plugin I can use?” The question is “Which one of the full list of shopping cart plugins will work the best for my website?”

Easy to Use Content Management System

One thing the clients really like is how easy it is to run the website after we launch it and hand it over to our clients. The content management system is as easy as using a word document.

Is your Website Mobile Friendly?

If your website is not a responsive website it may not look proportional on mobile devices. Most companies have responsive websites because customer check more often the websites with an smartphone or other smart device than with a computer itself. That is why we decided to do only responsive website designs. That means that not only will your website look great on mobile devices but it will fit any screen size and shape including old monitors.

Deeply Optimized Websites

The advantage of hiring us to create or re-design your website is that even before we begin redesigning your website, I am thinking about how I am going to optimize it. That means optimizing your website from the foundation. That gives you the deepest level of on-site optimization possible. There are many website designers who still don’t know anything about optimizing websites. Or they know but they do not have the experience or take the easy way to design and develop. Then probably you see nice website around but they are not properly optimized.

Thats one of the biggest problem of WordPress sites. They are not fast enough and run slow in cell phones and other devices.

Ask for Proof

Make sure your website developer can prove to you that they have had many optimization successes in the past. I work with several other website companies who don’t even try to optimize a website. They call me because they want someone who knows what they are doing. It takes a lot of experience and research and updated software to be good at optimization.

Obviously if you want a responsive, well optimized, well designed website, you’ll probably want to have a sit down with us.

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